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tv   Americas Election Headquarters  FOX News  November 5, 2012 10:00am-12:00pm PST

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now." we have the evidence to show you here. jenna: everyone comes together in the green room over coffee. karl rove, joe trippi, jenna and mean. jenna: at "america live" starts right now. megyn: fox news confirming that governor mitt romney will make a surprise visit to the battleground state of ohio on election day. welcome to "america live." i am megyn kelly. both candidates descending on the battleground states that matter most. president obama kicking off his last eight this morning in madison, wisconsin. governor romney started his day off in sanford, florida. it does not end there. the president then flies off to columbus, ohio. followed by a stop in des moines, iowa, before ending the
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day in his hometown of chicago, where he will likely watch the election results come in. governor romney visiting battleground states including virginia, ohio, and new hampshire. we are also told that he will not be arriving in his hometown of belmont, massachusetts, until overnight tonight. what do the candidates campaign stops reveal about their strategies? and also what their internal polling tells him? joining me now is chris stirewalt. and michael brown. let me start with you. what does it tell us? >> it sounds like mitt romney is very eager to keep the path to the presidency to him open. that is to win ohio. if he can close what seems to be a persistent that small gap in ohio, his chances of winning the overall presidency are much higher. that's what he wants to do.
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megyn: michael, what does it say about mitt romney campaign on election day. something obama is not going to do. >> we are seeing a close election in multiple states. in the polling and in the public polling, we are saying the same things. they are going to give up for a minute. they will try to make some news and push a few things over that line. it shows also that there is still nervousness about ohio. after friday night, a 30,000 crowd, indicate that they really want to carry ohio. they are going to make every effort to do so. megyn: today we got another prediction, a prognostication from larry sabado and he is predicting an obama win. this differs, before it back to
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you, mitt romney will win it easily tonight. >> i don't think that mitt romney is going to win easily. a lot of the states i suggested, i think the states that i suggested he would win will be very close. as i said in my article, i could easily be wrong about many of them. i think the basic fundamentals. foreign policy, the fact that we seem to have greater public enthusiasm going into the race. the fact that most national and state polls have shown mitt romney carrying independents and democrats and they are not likely to have a party identification advantage they had in 2000. excuse me, 2008. president obama stopping in madison, wisconsin. that is assigned to the sign of the obama people are worried
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about wisconsin. my understanding is that early voting in madison, wisconsin, that county has been below 2008 standards and has been equaled by the early voting in the less popular suburban counties around milwaukee, and waukesha. megyn: we are seeing that across the states, the early voting advantage that the democrats had in 2008 has been either hobbled or wiped out in many of these swing states. folks like you tell me that on election day the republicans typically have the advantage in terms of turnout. if all of that is true, then why do we still have all these pollsters saying that president obama was likely to win. >> this is an impossibly close election. the polls are closer in the semi- word 2000. it is really down to the end. we have two new battleground polls that are out in the last
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24 hours in the shown absolutely tied race in the battleground states. that is true. but the things you identifier also true that the public enthusiasm is reflected in early voting that demonstrate that they're going to do well. here is the other, the key in all of this. republicans outperformed polls. that is what history tells us. probably a half points. for whatever reasons, republicans are less likely to participate in polls. it is harder for pollsters to get them in surveys and get them on the phone. what we know the last 20 years is that republicans outperformed polls by maybe a half point. that is the truth. in a tied race, you have to like mitt romney's chances of things are really tied. the challenge for him and the reason he is going to ohio is this. he is outside that bubble. he is not there. when you look at michigan and you look at other states, including pennsylvania where we see a tie shaping up, mitt romney likes his chances to outperform his polls and put one
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of those blue states to red. megyn: i want to ask you, michael, before i let you go about virginia and florida. it seems like mitt romney -- according to most -- needs to have florida, virginia, north carolina to win. the president spending some time in florida and more time in virginia getting a big rally. the crowd in virginia, the president got a big rally the last couple of days. is it likely -- i know you think governor romney will win those states -- but how likely is it that they are in jeopardy? >> i think that florida is clearly in the wrong category. he just had another survey out this morning showing romney did well at 247. if you add in chris's statement about who is likely to be pulled, and it's a pretty good sign for romney. virginia is clearly closer. obama did very well in 2008. in northern virginia and hampton roads area with the navy bases. there has been some erosion for him in virginia.
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the balance of polling in my judgment has tended to favor romney. but by a very close margin. if obama can carry virginia, that its 13 electoral votes that mitt romney really needs to have to 270. i think that is the reason his campaign is there. early voting was down in democratic strongholds like alexandria, and he wants it those people on election day. megyn: very interesting. this time tomorrow, people will be at the polls. governor romney taking a swing. as many as 30,000 people turned out to see the governor at a rally in pennsylvania. check out the music. that is just outside of philadelphia. a tightening in the keystone state. a review that we talked about yesterday shows mitt romney and president obama tied in pennsylvania. which mitt romney had been
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written off by gop and democratic pollsters do not stay. but it is not so as we don't election day. pennsylvania has not actually backed a republican for president since -- i think it was george h. w. bush in 1988. in any event, it has been 20 plus years since they've gone behind a republican. some call a fool's gold with a republican. but the race is tightening. it's tightening in the states that we will consider to be firmly in the blue column. in the meantime, president obama is drawing big crowds of his own. 18,000 people lined up to catch the president in madison, wisconsin. his opening act was none other than bruce springsteen. he will join him in another campaign stop in ohio. he is literally riding on air force one today. the president's third event in wisconsin in just the past five days. more than a year of campaigning by both governor romney and president obama has come down to
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this. the main event is tomorrow night. make sure that fox news is your election headquarters tomorrow evening. the special coverage begins at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. bret baier and i will cohost the production. we will bring you the breaking results across the country until a winner is announced. we will have our expert panel with us to walk us through the results and what they mean. the special coverage begins tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. the first poll closings at 7:00 p.m. in virginia and then we will start to give states like ohio coverage. now to the aftermath of the superstorm sandy. and the newly canceled new york city marathon. dozens of generators, warm blankets, and food were reportedly left sitting there in central park, helping no one. this is happening when storm victims were reportedly freezing and going hungry.
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trace gallagher has an update. reporter: part of bloomberg's reason to go through with the new york city marathon, people complained that it would divert resources from those who desperately need them. when the race was canceled, the supplies -- they just sat there. they are still sitting there. not just the badly needed generators, but tens of thousands of mylar space wickens, jackets, bottled water that is desperately needed in a lot of areas. security crew say the reason the supplies cannot be moved is because there was an impromptu race that they could not push the runners out of the way there. the race organizers have not officially said why the supplies have not moved. we e-mail the mayor's office and no response on that. but the city did say that some
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of the generators you are looking at where the white types of generators for these areas. they were saying that we will take whatever you can send us, it doesn't matter. the marathon has said that one section of packages that are clothing islands and bottles of water -- they have just sat there. no answers as to why they sit there as we speak. megyn: so many people in the newark area are without power and have been for the better part of the week. including yours truly. we did get some news on a personal front, the power is back on at her home. the special guest in the studio, when they have left, we will go back home and we will have power. my little girl has taken her nap. before he retired, this
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gentleman is given some criticism for his new book. he joins us live on "america live" coming up next. >> lou dobbs is also here next. >> to hear that you might not have power for as many as two weeks, that's hard to believe. >> it's hard to believe is the nightstick older. it was 30 degrees and i could see my breath in my own home last nigchris christie said that all right, new jersey, get back to work. just the power so we can get back to work [ female announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role
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united states that he has done a good job when he has not done a good job, equals an endorsement. mitt romney knows this and so does the president of the united states. tuesday i am voting for mitt romney because i think is the best guy for the job. but it doesn't mean that i can't say thank you to the president for providing good leadership in this crisis and for helping the people of new jersey and extend my hand of friendship to him. megyn: that was new jersey governor, chris christie, defending his support of president obama in the aftermath of superstorm sandy. he wasn't the only one heaping praise on the administration. michael bloomberg are not only think the president, but then endorse him. if the feds are doing such a good job, why are we hearing heart-wrenching stories of so many people who say that they feel completely abandoned by all levels of government? the latest numbers show 110 people have died as a result of the storm.
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roughly 1 million homes and businesses are still without power. mayor bloomberg is one of the housing crisis for town-- towns and cities in many. >> [inaudible] [inaudible] >> seriously, people out here are very upset and frustrated. >> is just chaos, it's pandemonium out here. [bleep] >> please help us. we are going to die. you don't understand, you have to get here on this corner and help us now. it's been three days.
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>> our street is so disgustingly polluted. it's like sewage came up. >> sometimes i think i'm taking my last breath. >> i just don't know why it takes so long. three to five days you have no place to go. my kids are in the shelter with me. my cousin stayed with us and she has five kids of her own. >> it is just that this is my home. this is my home. i see people like this when i walk by their houses that are filled with mud and diesel and everything else imaginable. this is our home. megyn: joining me now is lou dobbs. he is the anchor of "lou dobbs tonight" on the fox business network. there you see the danger of
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being too full of praise for any official in the wake of a tragedy, there is peril in doing it. because you wind up with some might think that dominating the news cycle you do dominating the news cycle and unfortunately we will hear those cries from people who are still suffering through miserable conditions. what appears in some cases, literally for weeks. one of the things i would like to do is correct governor chris christie. he did not simply say thank you. he literally slobbered over the president. with his expressions -- by the way, that had to be -- and this is not a foolish or dumb man. he had nobody was doing. he did not simply extend a hand. he embraced this president. at least physically and empirically, embraced him.
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right now we are looking at more homes without electricity in this region after hurricane sandy one week later than we were looking in the aftermath of hurricane katrina. this is a response and a relief effort that is woefully inadequate. we have people without gasoline. we have people without power. now it's almost a million and a half people. came down about a half million from the weekend. it is a very tough job. but let's be clear. we have an emergency situation here in this federal government is not responding. it is not doing what it should help. we are supposed to have gasoline supplies and hundreds of thousands of people -- they don't have power to run their generators. we are supposed to have gasoline for the people, the motorists, the commuters, those were trying to go about their work lives without heat and without power in their homes and their kids
10:21 am
are not in any case to be in school. and we have a president who is not responding to the emergency. he is campaigning. i understand the conflict. but my goodness, part of what he is required to do and part of what this governor, chris christie should be thanking him for, is actually being effective. that hasn't happened at. megyn: lightning chris christie was so fawning? lou: the word fawning is just as good as any other. people need to be cognizant that new jersey is a blue state. chris christie is a republican governor. the other party has been working . he is tired and exhausting, made a miscalculation as a governor and political individual. but whatever his motivation, won
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the world is he doing when his people need more help than they're getting. megyn: i want to ask about the hurricane katrina comparison. we all know how it played out for president bush. that's after the break. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role
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>> we've been out here for too long. >> we have no water. megyn: that was mayor bloomberg getting confronted unexpectedly by some very angry residents of new york who are clearly dissatisfied with the way this
10:26 am
is being handled. lou dobbs is back with me. it is not limited to the local level, and there is a question. even the president obama seems to have gotten a bit of a lift from the initial sandy response, that is waning. lou: i think it is without question waiting. to be very direct, it got a lift because governor chris christie gave him that list. it was disproportionate to whatever it had been offered or provided. i think that is changing. mayor bloomberg is not accustomed to being spoken to in this way. i think it is wonderful. new yorkers, by the way, new yorkers are about as straightforward as it gets. every elected official that we that we have to be taught that women are not performing. including the president of the united states. i love that fact. what i don't love is the fact that governor como comes in to
10:27 am
the city and i have a meeting and they do much of what chris christie does. that is in government. megyn: they can congratulate each other, there is a question as to whether people need that right now. does it play outside as the blue states? is a play beyond their? >> speak to the american people are pretty smart. if bush were in office and he had more homes without electricity and more people seeking help, then at the time of hurricane katrina, remember what they did to him? my goodness, what would they do to him now. the fact is that we have to have a solution.
10:28 am
this president, he has some time in office no matter what. a few months at the very least. get some help in here and it is getting old. we have another nor'easter possibly on the way by tomorrow folks need help. megyn: lou dobbs, we thank you. our son was walking and a lady yelled, hey, where's his hat? [laughter] i don't really want to share too much but just a little bit. okay. coming up, a retired admiral for the united states navy. the former commander of the entire pacific fleet has fired off an editorial surrounding the obama administration's handling of the deadly consulate attacked in libya. why is he speaking out now? he's joining us live in minutes. in the long campaign season is
10:29 am
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megyn: that was such a moment. i was there live. it was incredible. i remember thinking, there is no way that the republicans can match this enthusiasm. and then we went to the republican national convention and when sarah kaelin walked out on that stage, they did. they did not enthusiasm. it would not last, however, to election day. president obama won that race. when the democrats back then were running for office, they were riding a huge wave of enthusiasm. 11% of registered democrats turned out to vote before election day. they were highly motivated. this year, about 6% have shown
10:34 am
up this time around. in 2008, more likely voters identified themselves as democrats vendor today. voters choosing to register as independents or republicans. how did we get to this point? bradley is with us. even when you watch that clip, doesn't it make you feel something? >> absolutely. i was inspired by that rally. i went to the inaugural and i was inspired by that. but the hope for change that so many people had, i didn't vote for this president, but he was my president, and i was caught up in enthusiasm the enthusiasm myself. the problem is this president has a record that cannot be defended. everything he hope for america, he did not deliver on. americans remember that. they remember what he has been
10:35 am
deficient on, whether it is the economy, gas prices, immigration. the list goes on. foreclosures, bankruptcies. i think a lot of democrats as we have seen in the statistics that you just read, they are disappointed with this president. they can't bring themselves to vote for romney, but as you can see, not coming out for him. megyn: one of the things that people really hope that obama would bring to washington would be a new approach to working across the aisle to being bipartisan and too caring about the other half of the country that did not vote for him. one of the criticisms of him has been that instead of doing that when we got there, he rammed obamacare down the throats of the american people who did not want without a single republican vote in his favor. he changed the rules in the senate to pass it through without a senate vote of 60 in the senate. and focus on health care, which was so divisive.
10:36 am
people's health care instead of jobs. were your thoughts on? >> i have been into virginia and north carolina would last for weeks. you know, i don't know what the statistics say, but i will tell you that they have registered over 400,000 new democratic voters in north carolina and they have turned out and registered a record number of voters in virginia. megyn: does anyone recognize you when you knock on the door? >> actually, i would like to say that this show has made me an international celebrity, but it has not. [laughter] megyn: well, we tried. >> i'm sorry, couple more years of this and maybe. megyn: has he been divisive? nineteen reach across the aisle and then pull back. we have had 28 straight months of job growth.
10:37 am
5 million new private sector jobs created. megyn: i'm trying to get to the point whether he has disappointed people are not? getting to whether the enthusiasm on the democratic side seems to have waned given those numbers. >> i reject this notion that the enthusiasm has waned. in richland county south carolina, 29,000 people had voted early. we can match us up against the voter file. as of today, almost 40,000 have voted early and 60% of those are democrats. now, that is unheard of. the numbers i'm looking at here and the numbers i'm seeing out of ohio and virginia, you know, you can talk the talk. but if you walk the walk, that is to go out and vote, at least in the states in the precincts that i'm looking at, it is dramatically higher than it was in 2008. megyn: so they say the advantage in early voting has been wiped out all this time around?
10:38 am
>> that's right, states like minnesota and pennsylvania. that ought to tell you something. but megyn, you hit on a point that needs to be elaborated on. this presidential power with such hope for his presidency. but he ruled out of ideology instead of reality. he chose to put his time and emphasis into health care when we have an economic crisis. i agree with the president that it hasn't been seen since the great depression, but he ignored that. people said, what good is a portable health care if i don't have a job to pay for it. and he has not improved the lives of average americans. instead he put in a whole new system of health care that doesn't take effect until 2014, yet, there was no job growth. there was no manufacturing growth. this president has been abysmal on the economy enough will turn the selection. megyn: when he came in and they were debating obamacare, he was
10:39 am
quoted more than once saying that the election is over. i won. that attitude was alienating to some on the other side who thought that he was going to be a different kind of politician. and reach out to them. the senate may or may not have been in recess during those times, there was a lawsuit filed over it, you know, but it was a question about whether he wound up being the guy that we saw on that stage those years ago. >> i think the question tomorrow at this. you may not be that guy. you know, he wrote a book called the audacity of hope. tomorrow, they have to make a choice between a guy that wrote this book and a guy who has demonstrated for the last six months that the audacity of hype -- that ron is all over the map. the choice of mitt romney is you don't know whether he's pro-choice or pro-intervention
10:40 am
order pro health care mandate or against it. in the primaries one person. in the general election he someone else. that is what's going to win this race. you know where barack obama is. if you don't know, -- >> that's exactly why he is going to lose. we know exactly who he is today. but we know he wasn't in 2008. megyn: well, if you've knocked on my door trying to register me, i will give you some halloween candy. >> just halloween candy? megyn, you wouldn't invite me in for a glass of wine? megyn: may be a scotch and a soda. >> there we go now. i'm knocking tomorrow. megyn: next monday we will know who won. megyn: coming up next, a top retired military leader publicly taking aim at the administration's handling of the terror attack in libya. you don't see the story often. this menus to handle the entire
10:41 am
pacific fleet. and governor romney enjoying campaign turnout. will he get the full support of the vehicle evangelical vote? coming up, tony perkins and michael reagan on the group that helped put president reagan and president george w. bush in the white house. and why they are today predicting that the same group may do the same thing for governor romney tomorrow. >> our mission stretches far beyond our borders. goss family knows no borders. in your life, you face daily trials. but millions of believers in other lands face far worse. ♪
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gives you a low national plan premium...
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so you can focus on what really matters. call humana at 1-800-808-4003. megyn: a top retired military leader is now calling on president obama to come clean on the terror attack that killed
10:45 am
four darkens on our consulate in benghazi, libya. admiral james lyons served in the navy for 36 years. retiring a little bit more than a year ago. handling the largest single military command in the world. he has just written a strong editorial saying the american people deserve answers to the lingering questions about what happened in benghazi. joining me now is retired navy admiral james lyons. thank you for being on the program. >> it is nice to be here. >> he seemed very upset about the situation. explain why? >> this attack should not have come as a surprise to anyone. we know that the bricks and the red cross blood of benghazi in the middle of the summer because of the deteriorating security situation. we had the 16th of august message from the consulate. stating they could not defend that consulate against the coordinated attack.
10:46 am
it was al qaeda affiliated, running wild, the government had lost all control of eastern libya. on the day of the attack, the blue mountains security manager who actually hired the 17th of february martyrs brigade to protect the consulate says there was something wrong. he put out an alert on both of the radios and cell phones. in fact, there have been reported that there was a split between him and the martyrs brigade. after that, we have a group that we know three hours before the attack, the al sharia militia,
10:47 am
the al qaeda affiliated, was setting up roadblocks and checkpoints around the consulate. megyn: the link to this has now been established or number of channels. you also had an issue with how we responded. jennifer griffin has reported that three calls for help by those who are under attack were ignored or rejected by the cia, it looks like, and yet the cia has denied that. you say in your editorial, having been a number of similar situations, i know that you have to have courage to do it right. and to take immediate action. what he mean by that? >> well, in this particular case, we had 130 man marine recon force teams fully armed, well led by a sergeant major and a lieutenant colonel who
10:48 am
could've been there in benghazi in a matter of hours. a few hours. we also had f-16 jets which were not that far away and could've been used, which would cause those attackers to scatter without even firing. megyn: secretary leon panetta says it is the father war. they don't send troops must know what's going on. >> i find it inconceivable that they didn't know what was going on in the ground with the overhead drone video and the constant communications from the defenders. megyn: i would like to ask you about some breaking news on the situation. president obama intend that the second presidential debate that he had always call this terrorism and he knew from day one it was terrorism. late last night, cbs news, which had an interview with the president on september 12,
10:49 am
releases quietly on its website a critical outtake from their interview with president obama. asked him whether this was terrorism, and i no one should listen to what the president said. >> mr. president, this morning he went out of your way to avoid the use of the word terrorism in connection with the would-be attack. he believed this was a terrorist attack iraq. >> it's too early to know exactly how this came about. what group was involved. but obviously, it was an attack on americans. and we are going to be working with the government to make sure that we bring these folks to justice one way or the other. megyn: so he says it's too early to know, but he maintained that he was referring to it as terror all along. cbs news decided that 60 minutes edifice out of the piece and then does not post until 48 hours before the election? >> total cover-up. mainstream media has been
10:50 am
covering up the story. it is really bordering on the criminal act your. megyn: do you think the story lives on? president obama wins a second term? >> i think this story will live on because of the culpability of the administration and you just don't let americans die like this. one of your responsibilities is to ensure the safety of your personnel. that remains paramount. that did not occur in the situation. megyn: admiral james lyons, thank you so much for being here. >> nice to be with you, megyn. megyn: don't go away. coming up we have dick morris and his projections on what would happen in this race. things are beginning to get rolling. and regions is here to help. making it easier with the expertise and service to keep those wheels turning.
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from business loans to cash management, we want to be your partner moving forward. so switch to regions. and let's get going. together.
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megyn: early voting is underway. there are concerns about possible fraud. ohio is a crucial battleground state. the race is neck and neck. we have eric shocked by the county board of elections in ohio. >> hello, megan. just about 10 minutes ago before early voting. there are potential voter fraud problems being reported elsewhere across the country. in iowa, there is an ongoing absentee ballot fraud investigation. it involves voter registration fraud allegations they are. they saved that it potentially involves democratic campaign workers. maxalt is investigating. they say that we take all allegations of voter fraud seriously. that is why we have hired an investigator to handle all of the allegations and voter fraud in iowa. meanwhile in oregon, there is an investigation of ballot
10:55 am
tampering. saying that a county clerk filled in some voter names. eighteen people are registered from this vacant lot. the trailer park was taken away three years ago. the ohio voter integrity project is challenging than. >> the worst-case scenario is that someone could actually take this information and utilize it fraudulently. that is unfortunate. >> election officials say they are watching out for any particular signs of fraud. >> if they see that kind of activity taking place, there will be a location coordinator there and they can invite that person who is responsible for making sure that doesn't happen. obviously, they see anything else, they can call our board and law enforcement. >> the obama justice department has election observers and out in 23 states. of course, if you see problems
10:56 am
where you live, let us know at fox megyn: with voters set to head to the polls tomorrow, we asked our panel what we can expect if the president does win a second term. and how not having to face reelection could change his approach. a key voting bloc that helped president reagan win the white house in the 1980s and george w. bush win the white house in 2000. is now hoping to put governor romney over-the-top in critical swing states. coming up, tony perkins and michael reagan on this group and why they may be mitt romney's secret weapon. >> permission stretches far beyond our borders. god's family knows no borders. in your life, you face daily triumphs. but millions of believers in other lands face far worse.
10:57 am
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10:59 am
megyn: we learn less than 24 hours before election day that
11:00 am
one candidate will be spending part of his day tomorrow in a state that some experts say could decide this presidential race. welcome, everybody, i'm megyn kelly. i'm laughing because you don't need the experts to tell you ohio is critical. governor romney will return to the swing state of ohio tomorrow on voting day after completing a four-state tour through some critical battlegrounds today. this is not unprecedented. in his final hours on the campaign trail mr. romney finishing with the argument the last four years in our country do not have to define the next four. >> if there is anyone who is worried the last four years are the best we can do or anyone who fears the american dream is fading away or wonders whether better jobs or better paychecks are a thing of the past. i have a clear and unequivocal message.
11:01 am
with the right leadership america is about to come roaring back. megyn: john roberts in columbus, ohio where early voters you can see behind him are literally lining up and waiting we are told 0 minutes in that line to do their part in this process. john? >> reporter: they have been lining up like this since this morning. it closes right about now. but anybody who this line will be allowed to vote. we have more on what governor romney's plans are tomorrow. he will be holding an event in the cleveland area. it won't be a rally. it will be more a get out the vote event. he will campaign right up until the polls close and make every last effort for every vote possible. in lynchburg, virginia, a red part of the commonwealth, he was trying to get as many people out to the polls as he could telling
11:02 am
people in the crowd he believes the president does not have a plan for the next four years. >> he tried to convince you these last four years have been a success and so his plan is to take the ideas from the first year, the stimulus, the borrowing, the obama-care and do them over again. he called that forward. i call it forewarned. >> reporter: despite the attacks on the president, the governmentr governor's message in lynchburg and earlier in florida will be a positive one saying he's optimistic and he wants the american people to have confidence. >> a solid path of steady improvement and college grads will find a better job. confidence that single moms are working two jobs, will have a
11:03 am
shot at a better job. so tomorrow on november 6 we come together for a better future. november 7 we'll get to work. >> it's unusual but not unprecedented for a candidate to have events on election day. 2004 and john kerry had events. george bush here in columbus. about it is an end case it would seem at the moment while the romney campaign feels it doing well, it doesn't have the numbers to put this in the bag for them. we know he will be in cleveland. there may be other events as well. megyn: as governor romney wraps up his swing state tour, president obama is scheduled to touch down in wisconsin, and iowa. he presented his case for one of the last times in any campaign.
11:04 am
they say this is it for him one way or the other. >> this should not be that complicated. we tried our ideas, they worked. the economy grew, we created jobs. we tried their idea, it didn't work. the economy didn't grow, not as many jobs as with us. but here is the thing. governor romney is a very talented salesman. in this campaign he tried as hard as he can to repackage the same old bad ideas and make them out to be new ideas. megyn: the president does not have any scheduled public events for election day and is expected to be staying in his home in chicago tonight and tomorrow. and remember, folks. if you are at home or at work or anywhere in front of a tv tune in for our special election coverage. fox news channel is the only place to be and we'll have them
11:05 am
for you beginning at:00 p.m. eastern time. we hope you will join bret baier and me for our special coverage along with our full panel of fox news political analysts. see you then. new reaction to a controversial comment about our military from a former commander-in-chief who has been out on the stumps for president obama every day. president bill clinton raise something eyebrows suggesting that the u.s. armed forces are biased -- their racist, they are sexist and they are homophobic, but less so they they used to be. here is the exact quote. one of the things the decider in chief has to do is decide whether to bring this country together against all its diversity or let it drift apart. look how many much stronger the american military is because it's less racist, less sexist and less homophobic and we are
11:06 am
just looking for people who can do the job. ambassador john bolton is with us. you have the former president saying they are less so today but the u.s. military is racist, sexist and homophobic. your thoughts. >> i think you start with the english language which president clinton is said to be pretty good at. he has to be saying as you just indicated that it may be better. but still the starting point is racist, sexist and homophobic. i think that illustrates the chasm in the view in this country between president obama and his best spokesman, president clinton on the one hand and governor romney on the other. of course the united states has problems. that's inevitable when you are filled with human beings like the united states is. you start from the proposition that it's a good society we can make better or it's a bad society that only smarter and better people like obama and
11:07 am
clinton can handle. and that i think tells a lot about the way the two candidates really view the country. megyn: the military has a history of not allowing gay soldiers to serve. then president clinton was the one who put in don't ask don't tell which has been reversed. and there have questions about women serving and women in a cam bought role. but to describe the motivations as being homophobic or sexist, is that controversial? >> the military has always been an indicator of the society as a whole. that's as it should be in a country that prides itself on its people defending the country not because they have to, but because they want to. i don't think this is simply an analysis by president clinton of the military it's a critique of the whole society. you could say, for example, that
11:08 am
there are more opportunities for women now in the military than there have been in the past. as there are in so sight as a whole. you can say that the military is now adjusting better to allowing gay and lesbian personnel in the military as society as a whole is doing. or you can do it the way president clinton did which was to say it's racist. by those of us who were better than the rest of society are making it better. megyn: president clinton who has his history with women is taking some flack. >> i would never say that. megyn: to try to be the spokesperson against sexism. he was accused of sexual harassment and septembered with paula jones for a hefty number. you tell me whether this is something the president should disavow. he's the chief surrogate for president obama.
11:09 am
four stops in pennsylvania alone just today. should president obama make a correction in any way? >> dose agree that the military -- and i think society as a whole -- start out properly designated racist, sexist and homophobic which only the wiser and greater of us are making better or does he believe it's a basically a good society with some problems that we are all trying to address? that's the difference in attitude about the country as a whole that i think this comment illustrates. megyn: president clinton also said this on the campaign trail. >> when i was a kid and i got quite my hand in a cookie jar i sort of turned red, shrugged my shoulders and took my handouts of the cookie jar. he's grabbing for more cookies. megyn: i think that was a reference to mitt romney. >> i suppose so.
11:10 am
i can't fake a southern accent. at least president clinton has to claim to having a southern accents. as opposed to politicians to drop their gs and get that twang only on the campaign trail. megyn: we are take your thoughts on it. should president obama have to disavow something his chief surrogate says about our military? that's a big voting bloc? military voters extend to show up at the polls. it may not be particularly youthful for him to say that. let me know. follow me on twitter @megynkelly. dick morris turned some heads and suffered some attacks when he predicted a romney landslide. we'll ask mr. morris whether he changed his views. an june date on the massive relief efforts after hurricane
11:11 am
sandy. we have a love report just ahead. evangelical voters became a big political force during the reagan revolution and are promising a big turnout tomorrow. tony perkins and michael reagan and whether this group may turn out to be mitt romney's secret weapon tomorrow. >> to every religious dissident trapped in that cold, cruel existence we send our love and support. our message, you are not alone. you are not forgotten. do not lose your faith and hope because some day you, too, will be free. gecko (clearing throat)
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with cake! and presents! ah, that was good. too bad nobody could hear me. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> they understand they are in deep trouble. they tried to expand map because they know in a state like ohio where they have to win, no
11:15 am
republican has been elected without carrying the state of ohio. they are behind and not catching up at this point. they are also going to be in florida and virginia, two states that you would assume by now they would have secured at least they assumed by now they would secure. they understand that the traditional or the battle ground states on which we have been focusing are not working out for them. we are even or ahead in all of them. megyn: that was senior campaign adviser david axlerod suggesting team obama has this race in the bag. but there are no shortage of critics and one expert forecast of a landslide win for governor romney comes with a catch. dick morris is a form advisor to bill clinton. i want to talk to you about you're thinking. you are saying romney landslide. >> david used to work for me an
11:16 am
was a good employee. megyn: but you don't see eye to eye. he's wrong. romney will win by a very large margin, a landslide if you will. i believe he will win by more than 5 points in the popular vote and get 325 electoral votes. i think he will carry all the states mccain carried plus indiana, north carolina, virginia, colorado, ohio, new hampshire, wisconsin, pennsylvania and florida. the only swing states obama will carry are michigan and nevada and new mexico. the reason i believe that is if you read the distorted media polls, most of them start off with a far too many democrats
11:17 am
and far too few republicans. the latest pew survey has a national margin of 3 points for obama has 4 points more democrats than republicans. but the gallup poll which is the most authoritative last week concluded that there were now three points more republicans than democrats in the country. so it's d-4 and the reality is r-3. so it's a 7-points distortion. so if you are showing romney losing by 3 he's running by 4. if you take the finding in the pew poll that republicans are 6% more likely to turn out than democrats. so instead of it being plus 7, instead of switching to it a romney win by 4, you now have a romney win by 6 or 7. and then you take the undecided vote which always goes against the i am couple bent. you allocate it 2 to 1 for
11:18 am
romney you are talking about a win of 7-10 points. if you go through each of the states you can do a similar calculation. i don't want to exaggerate by saying 5 or more. but i think you will be shocked on election night by how quickly and easily these states fall into the romney column and the obama people are reading it wrong or they are reading it right and they don't want to admit it. megyn: i know you say the polls oversample democrats. the pollsters call it a random sampling of 1,000 voters. and the people self-identify what they are. if they get 8 percentage points more democrats. their defense is the country is becoming more democratic or at least the swing states are. >> that's technically true but actually inaccurate. while the is true they do not wait for parties, they wait for gender and ethnicity, race, la i
11:19 am
knows, and young people. because in any telephone survey you way under sample those groups. you oversample women and under sample minorities. they are weighting to the ethic parameters of the 2008 vote which was record high minority and young people turnout. then that falls out into a democratic party advantage. they are technically right. they are not waiting for party, they are waiting for ethnicity and age and it has the same connect. guam which did not do this waiting but took a real sample of partisan views in the country came to the conclusion that we have gone from a 12-point democratic edge in '08 to a 3-point republican edge. a 15-point swing. the polls like pew have only an
11:20 am
8-point swing. they have a 7-point margin different from the gallup polls. that's why it's distorted. megyn: larry sabato and charlie cook come out and say we see a slight advantage obama. they are not going to call it obama locked up but they don't sight like you do. >> they are not willing to make the jump of saying that obama will not get the same turnout of blacks, latinos and young people that he got in 2008. and they are assuming he will get a turnout at the '08 levels or approximate the '08 levels which is what you do. when you poll in an election year you look at four years ago and weight the ethnicity to that. but 2008 was totally unique. if up weight it back to that you wait from an accurate poll to a distorted one.
11:21 am
larry sabato talks about polls, they tiecht. megyn: how confident are you? >> very? that we win? 9 out of 10. that it's a slapped slide 6 out of 10. megyn: you are 90% confident. >> that romney wins. maybe 2 out of 3 that it's by a good size margin. megyn: fast naifting, dick. we looked up your history and you accurately predicted the outcomes of the pennsylvania, illinois and wisconsin senate races and you predicted the congress would win back the house in 2010 and you also predicted they would win back the senate which they didn't do. you can check out dick and his
11:22 am
column at dick morris,.com. megyn: superstorm sandy hit the east a week ago. we'll be back with the devastation on coney island. i have a cold, and i took nyquil,
11:23 am
but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels speeds relief to your worst cold symptoms plus has a decongestant for your stuffy nose. thanks. that's the cold truth!
11:24 am
11:25 am
. megyn: superstorm sandy one week later and the recovery is slow going in some areas like staten island. neighborhoods ravaged by floodwaters and folks struggling to keep warm and find basic necessities. it's not like this is a remote part of the country. it's part of new york. it looks like a war zone in parts. some folks are saying they have gotten no help. our own rick leventhal is live in the coney island section of brooklyn. coney island has iconic status
11:26 am
in american history. and it's suffering, rick. it's suffering. >> reporter: it is. it's reminiscent of disaster areas we have seen over the years. behind me a news conference is going on with the homeland security secretary janet napolitano. this is a long line of people waiting for food, water, diapers. there are mobile medical vans set up in the parking thought provide basic doctor care and prescription medicines. behind it you see some of the public housing. these buildings for the most part are still in the dark. but many of them don't want to leave their homes. they don't want to leave even though they have no heat or electricity because they are worried about their homes being robbed. so they stay home. the streets of coney island are piling up with trash. there has been water damage
11:27 am
here. the electricity is an issue. a couple -- about 1.2 million customers still without power in the region. but that's customers. there could be several people in a home. they are trying to fix that problem while they try to get more gas to the gas stations. we are still seeing long lines at fuel stations. the ones that don't have power have very long lines. here on coney island, megyn, a tough situation for residents. especially with this cold weather coming. it's going to be near freezing tonight and a nor'easter is expected wednesday. these people living in the dark are going to be very, very cold. megyn: you have been out in the worst -- the hardest hit areas the last week it's been a week-plus since sandy hit. take us through what your week has been like and what you have
11:28 am
seen. >> you know, we started on the jersey shore in point pleasant beach which was hit very, very hard. the storm surge knocked out the do you understand. and we rode out that storm in a hotel that wounds up being an island in the atlantic ocean. we winds and down the jersey shore visiting many of the hardest hit communities and saw the raffages of this storm. the impact is long lasting. many people won't be back in their homes for months especially because of the natural gas issues they were using to heat their homes. the gas lines were cut and they can't turn the power back on until they recollects i -- untit problem. there are communities up and down the waterfront that were hit very, very hard. as you said last week. a lot of these are blue collar
11:29 am
communities. people who who have a beautiful place to live now having a very, very tough challenge ahead of trying to make it through without power. start to recover what they can and move forward. just going to work is a challenge with the trains unlimited schedule, the ferries barely running and vehicles having a tough time getting gas. megyn: it am not like new orleans where they can go to the superdome. the devastation is so spread out over so many towns and cities and states even that you just sort of get a sampling of it when we take in video from staten island and the jersey shore. you have seen it all firsthand. thanks for all the good work you have been doing. >it's the last thing millions of americans shell shocked from sandy want to hear. but you heard it. concerns that another big storm is barreling down on the east
11:30 am
coast. and could slam the very places that are still suffering from the aftermath of this storm. we'll have scene update in just a bit. also with election day hours away there is fresh speculation about the impact of evangelical voters and whether the controversy over the mention of god at the democratic convention -- remember they took it out of the platform? will come back to haunts democrats when the party faithful come to the polls. >> i'll do that one more time. all those delegates in favor say a yes. all those oppose say no. in the opinion of the chair 2/3 have voted in the affirmative. the motion adopted and the platform has been amended as shown on the screen.
11:31 am
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god. our message. you are not alone. you are not forgotten. do not lose your faith and hope because some day you, too, will be free. megyn: that was president ronald reagan speaking to a group of evangelical voters in 1983. a group that supported him in 1980 and would help deliver his landslide win in 1984. new questions about whether the evangelical groups will help put governor romney over the top. tony perkins. head of the family research center and michael reagan. let me start with you on this, michael since we picked it up with your dad and the support he had with evangelical voters.
11:36 am
when he won against mondale he led by almost 40 points where that voting bloc. how important were the evangelicals to your dad's political success? >> the moral majority, they made a huge difference in the campaign and election showing up for my father back in 1980 and also in 1984. and they will be huge in this election. in ohio, florida, colorado, virginia. it's incouple went upon them to show up at the polls and vote tomorrow as they did for my father. if my father could speak to evangelicals today he would tell them it's incumbent upon them to show up and to vote. megyn: that is what we are hearing from many catholic priests and ministers from the pulpit, tony perkins in sunday mass and sunday services across the country. the churches are seeming without
11:37 am
saying go vote for mitt romney to come out and say vote for life, vote for the principles you talk about in church. is this going to make a difference tomorrow? >> no question about it. i would say to michael his father is speaking to the evangelicals. yesterday when i spoke in a church outside of day into quoted his far it from 1984. he says if we ever cease to be unnation under god we'll cease to be a nation. we'll be a nation gone under. people realize from the hostility dish also quoted from the democratic convention they where they voted god off the political island and they may found themselves strand off the political island. i think the polling is showing as we crisscrossed the country, evangelicals are energized beyond what i have very seen in my mitt cal career which has
11:38 am
been almost 20 years now. megyn: really? why? >> it's driven primarily by the current administration's policies that are hostile to religion. the catholic church coming out so boldly, giving voter guides out in mass yesterday and over the week focusing on this mandate that has come down as a result of obama-care. it's a clear infringement upon religious freedom. the president talks about the freedom of worship. but evangelicals care about the freedom of religion. religion, freedom of religion is the ability to live your lives according to the teachings of your faith. megyn: some may find that surprising because many people believed that the folks on the left were going to make an issue on mitt romney's mormon faith and try to divide the rest of
11:39 am
the christian faith from mormonism somehow. >> i think they tried to do that but it did not work. i think the christian communities of evangelicals found out this is about electing a president. this isn't about nominating or electing the pastor your church. this is about the country. this is about the soul of the united states of america. i suggest people go home tonight and go on youtube and find a time for choosing talking about a rendezvous with destiny. it's about the soul of america. my father wasn't concern about the politics so much, he was concerned about soul. i remember sitting with my father with the family at one time when we had ron and patty. and ron is an atheist. he was talking about his atheism. he says i'm not concerned about ron's politics. i'm concerned about his soul.
11:40 am
i hope he accepts christ like you have and i have. ' tomorrow is about the soul of america. megyn: the evangelicals did not come out for john mccain. they did for president george w. bush in 2004 when gay marriage was on a lot of the state ballots. but we are told it could be 1.6 million to 6 million voters on the evangelical vote including critical numbers like ohio, and virginia. if they are offering a groundswell of support tomorrow do you believe that's being reflected in the polls? >> not necessarily. as you talked earlier today, the modeling, most polling firms are using are based on the '08 turnout. what i'm seeing on the ground in ohio, our values bus has been in 28 states the last 14 months.
11:41 am
70,000 miles we racked up and we registered 500,000. half a million new values voters. in ohio 340,000 evangelical social conservatives did not show up in 2008 who voted in 2004. being on the ground in ohio, i can tell you more activity is going on in this election than actually happened in 2004. i would not be surprised to see the he strand gel cal social conservative turnout eclipse what we saw in 2004. megyn: thank you both so much. tony, michael, all the best to you. with voters set to head to the polls tomorrow we'll ask our panel what we can expect if the president does win a second term and how not having to face reelection could change his approach in washington. when you have diabetes...
11:42 am
11:43 am
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11:45 am
>> the question in this election comes down to this. do the people of america wants four more years like the last four years? or do you want real change finally? >>it is a choice between two different visions for america. a choice between turn together top down policy that crashed tour economy or a future built on providing opportunities. megyn: as the candidates make their final promises to voters. here is a provocative question. the president will not have to run for reelection if he runs for a second term. so what will his second term look like? that's what everybody wants to know the answer to. joining me to skits, tucker carlson of the "daily caller" and juan williams.
11:46 am
it's what everybody is wondering as they go to the polls tomorrow. let me do it this way with you guys. tucker, what are the things that you worry about in a second term for president obama? >> i worry about too many things to list. but i major would focus on his legacy. what are the things he will be remembered for. two obvious ones jump out. the court. the supreme court could have three openings over the next four years and the lower courts. there are many unfilled vacancies an would get to make that decision to shape the country in his idealogical mold. also immigration reform. it means more hispanic voters. if you bring many more immigrants into the country you are, in effect guaranteeing democratic control of the white house for a generation. i think's clearly a gold has in mind and i think he might be
11:47 am
able to pull it off if he were reelected. >> i think tucker is right, it's legacy for second termers. the criticism of second termers is they don't have to face the people again and they can literally get into scandals if you look into american history. to my mind tucker is right about immigration reform. he's right about the courts. but the deficit in spending is where he could define himself in unique terms. he already had healthcare. so healthcare will go down as the record accomplishment for any president republicans and democrats have tried to put into place. he goments that. but when you talk -- he's got that. but so many americans are concerned about deficit spending. he had a commission and he didn't foul on the suggestions because he feared the political fallout. now that's passed he's willing
11:48 am
to make deals and hopes republicans would make deals for him. we are not going to give this guy any more support than would allow him to make claims about the achievements of the voters. he says we do have to deal with the fiscal cliff and the deficit. and now we are willing to do business with president obama. >> i want to ask you about warm care. the way they structured the law, all the good stuff came first and all the bad stuff don't kick in until 2014. if obama is president he will be in the white house when the bad stuff kicks in. that plus the general split in the country will make him a lame duck president if not from day one. >> in the beginning you get to keep your kids on well into adulthood. but you are not forced by hasty
11:49 am
hand of government to buy health insurance. yet the two are impossible to disentangle. i don't think obama-care is going anywhere in the short term and there is a real problem as juan suggested with scandals. there are a lot of stories that have been ignored by the press but are continuing to brew. if the republicans hold the house they will continue to have seen a power. darrell issa the congressman from california in my view will exercise that to a greater degree. you will see a lot of intense followup on stories solyndra-like crony capitalism. it will make it hard for him to do anything. >> i think it's likely. if you were making predictions today you would say it is likely republicans will maintain control of the house. given that the president will be in a second term that we are going to face an immense fiscal challenge going forward in terms of the deficit.
11:50 am
i think one more legacy point i would raise is the president has spoken about doing something about the pressures on the middle class. the growing gap between high-end earners and people getting left behind and that's why he talked about the investments he wants to make in education. one of my great hopes would be that he would be more open to taking risks, getting some flack from the teachers unions and do something about the quality of american schools. that's something that would move my heart. megyn: do you think he's likely to be more bipartisan or will he go more to the left? >> anybody who is serious about tackling the deficit and the debt is focused on medicare and medicaid. he showed zero willingness to be real about that. >> tucker, that's not fair. >> i covered it closely from day one. he's totally unserious about
11:51 am
reining in medicare spending. megyn: should the electoral college go by the wayside? stay tuned. if we want to improve our schools... ... what should we invest in? maybe new buildings? what about updated equipment? they can help, but recent research shows... ... nothing transforms schools like investing in advanced teacher education. let's build a strong foundation.
11:52 am
let's invest in our teachers so they can inspire our students. let's solve this.
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megyn: one of the possibilities. one man wins the popular vote and the other the electoral college. it has happened before and it's the reason some want to aban don't electoral college all together. if not the electoral college, then what? >> reporter: if we got rid of it it would mean all votes matter. right now big state or small. if it is solid red or blue you don't matter because you don't elect presidents by popular vote. >> just moments ago i spoke with george w. bush and congratulated
11:55 am
him on become the 43rd president of the united states. >> reporter: could it happen again? one candidate wins the popular vote and the other the electoral college? >> it happened four times in american history. it will happen a fifth time. it will be this year? nobody knows. >> reporter: romney could win the race but lose the election. >> four out of five americans are out of the process of deciding who their president should be. >> reporter: dr. koza leads an effort to eliminate the electoral college. >> reporter: this ad underscores the point. >> we are using the electoral college system today and that means sally doesn't win. >> reporter: prominent
11:56 am
democrats including obama favored scrapping the electoral college. while some republicans argued against it. imagine the irony if obama loses the popular vote and wins the election. >> that the wait system works. you can't chain the rules in the middle of the game. the republicans will say without the popular vote a president lacks legitimacy. >> reporter: nine states have voted to drop the electoral college. they need an equal number of states to actually change the system. megyn: not likely to happen. william lajeunesse. thank you. we'll be right back. don't go away.
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>>megyn: a spelling problem causing a problem. a woman wearing an m.i.t. sweatshirt believed she was violating election


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